About Voxterr

Voxterr is the next generation of social networking available on all devices changing the way we share, explore, buy and sell. We build Open Society based on Transparency of facts and experiences (IoE), Democratization of access, Connectivity, Disintermediation, and Empowerment of Local Communities in Global Context by Turning Information into Actions and Actions into Money.

It is a hybrid ecosystem of social commerce and marketing tool, wallet, local search engine and aggregator, lead generator and influencer, publishing and selling channel, logistics and distribution system, loyalty programs, regional analytics, and big data generator combined with own payment system, empowering SMEs and individuals as well as solving IP location problems.

Companies pay hundreds of billions of dollars for advertising annually. Every year, more uploaded data means that you need more paid advertisement to become and stay visible.

Thanks to Voxterr also SMEs and individuals can use a powerful channel to publish, structure and find information on Internet via a network of 3,500 regional portals that integrate and connect all products, services, news, brands, businesses, users, and events to a region where they are based.

Businesses and private sellers place their offers online for free and benefit from Voxterr’s top visibility on search engines, while end users gain influence consuming products and services and earn percentages on sales becoming regional promotional and selling channel for brands.

Voxterr limits competition to one region, shortens delivery times, lowers marketing costs and shipping expenses, saves time by eliminating annoying ads, offering reviews and allowing mobile payments, builds trust and better communities as users become efficient distributors of products, services and media.

Voxterr's Mission & Vision

We Build Open Society Based on
Transparency of Facts and Experiences (Data, people, Processes, and Things),
Democratization of Access,
Full Connectivity,
Disintermediation, And
Empowerment of
Local Communities in Global Context
Changing the way SMEs and Individuals explore, share, buy, sell, and earn
by Turning Information into Actions and
Actions into Money.

Voxterr Management Team

Dean Despotovic

Founder & CEO

Future will be created by the people who seek collaboration not competition. The greatest step has been to expand our consciousness beyond our own limitations by accepting others who share the unique vision of creating the next step in the human evolution.

Vedran Kirincic

Managing Partner

Determined to create the future with Voxterr. Vedran pursues excellence. He is analytical and pays attention to details. He participates in designing and implementing business strategies, plans and procedures. Vedran is involved in establishing policies that promote company culture and vision. A multitasking performer who aims to secure the functionality and sustainability of business, able to act both individually and as a team player. Active in the development process and in building a stable corporate structure. Focused and goal oriented, closely collaborates with the CEO in fundraising and expansion activities. Resourceful and innovative, with a wide social network in various industries, establishes and manages relationships with business partners and stakeholders.

Domagoj Fucak

Managing Partner

Over the last 10 years, Domagoj has worked as an engineer and manager for a global organisation implementing complex projects and engineering solutions. Currently, he manages and leads teams to realise projects across organisational and national boundaries. He ensures that his team is always effective, efficient and approaches clients with integrity, dedication and commitment. Key drivers for his success have been passion for innovation and ability to deliver results for clients in the information technology and engineering sectors. His commitment to the delivery of business solution is embedded in the construction and development of Voxterr, an ecosystem that will be a real game changer for the local communities and companies.

Anna Hejka

Key advisory board member

Anna is passionate about innovation and global growth of emerging European companies capitalizing on deep core trends. To support their operational growth and international expansion, her Venture Capital funds: Poland Growth Funds and Unicorn Nest have created a global ecosystem of mentors, advisors and partners all over the world including New York, Austin and Silicon Valley, Israel, Paris, London and Frankfurt, Dubai, and Singapore. To improve the venture ecosystem, she advises top policy makers in Poland and institutions such as the European Commission or the World Bank, evaluates projects on behalf of EU agencies, MIT Technology Review, European incubators and accelerators training and mentoring scientists and start-up dreamers. In recognition, the World Economic Forum in Davos awarded her a title of Global Leader for Tomorrow, the European Association of Business Angels nominated Business Angel of the Year, while Home&Markets selected as one of 25 best financial managers in Poland. Anna’s core values are integrity, creativity, and teamwork.