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Unlimited Wallet

Voxterr provides a digital wallet with a marketing component that can be linked to any site or app, allowing for instant automated personalized promotion and sale of both purchased items and nearby items from local stores, artists, musicians, content creators, entrepreneurs and other community offerings.

Voxterr Network Value and Regional Influence

Voxterr is introducing new social media metrics, called Network Value and Regional Influence, which Voxterr automatically calculates and displays for you. You have the power to own your network and earn real time income from its generated capital. You'll receive free targeted advertisements options, access to intelligent data and you can buy or sell networks anywhere in the world. As you increase your regional influence level, you'll unlock additional sources of income, such as a percentage of our targeted advertisement earnings. Voxterr also allows you to monitor and regulate your actions, leave a digital footprint wherever you go, and profit from it if you choose.
Voxterr enables users digital ID key to connect with their data and to manage it
Voxterr provides access to intelligent data to businesses and their customers
Voxterr is providing more holistic consumer profile
Voxterr is transforming the way how customers discover and buy
Voxterr automates the promotion of local communities worldwide.
Voxterr enables automatized residual income worldwide.

New Structure of Information

Voxterr automatically structures all uploaded data through custom build worldwide regional portal platform. As a result, all products, services and media content on Voxterr receive high organic visibility in local search results at no cost. You can sell or rent anything. Create your own channel. It can be subscription-based or free. You can even accumulate products, services and media content from different sources into one bundle and recommend an entire fashion outfit, a food recipe, music video or any other item. Users can directly order from your profile. When users buy something you recommend, you will get a percentage of that transaction.

Voxterr Decentralised Publishing

Voxterr enables you to upload, sell or allow subscription based model to any form of content: images, videos, podcasts, articles, blogs, pdfs. You can promote your business ventures, or raise capital. You own all your content. Our system can identify if your content is duplicated or reused because copyright metadata is included in everything you publish. You can choose to forbid someone from using it, or you can just charge users for the ability to use your content. Furthermore, your content is decentralised and cannot be canceled.

Voxterr Automatized Personalized Promotion

You can promote your current location and your hometown with each transaction or post, if you choose so. Voxterr automatically locates and attaches the nearest stores, restaurants, musicians, artwork, young talents, products, and services from locals. The platform utilizes data and algorithms to deliver targeted promotions and recommendation based on user preferences and location. Users receive customized promotions and automatically increase visibility not only for items they purchased but also for products and services available in their local area, creating a more personalized and relevant shopping experience and additional revenue streams.

Voxterr Universal ID

You own your data. You have the ability to sell access to your data. Your own personal AI assistant collects data on all of your activities and provides you with tools to monetize it. Your personal universal ID code follows you everywhere you go and hyper-personalizes your experiences anywhere in the world so you don't even have to search anymore. We live in an attention-driven economy, and Voxterr delivers systems to help you capitalize on your attention.

Voxterr Public Galleries

Connect more deeply to your city and everything it has to offer. The Public Gallery shows you what's happening around you in real-time. By simply selecting a radius, you can discover the closest user content, local shops, bars, clubs, products and services, rentals, news, music and events. This makes for an authentic travel experience because it's the best way to meet locals in any city and engage with the local culture. If you agree to have your content shown in the Public Gallery, Voxterr will help you monetize it.

True News Algorythm

Voxterr calculates and displays the total assets of each city in real-time, which is then used to calculate the earnings of our users. This calculation is influenced by the true news percentage. The higher the true news percentage, the more capital will be released to citizens through Voxterr reward systems. Additionally citizens will have more capital at their disposal to vote for funding of local projects.

Voxterr Locator

Select a category and a radius. The Locator will display current happenings and offers in your immediate surroundings in real-time. It also measures real-time interactions and allows you to interact with any store, event, or restaurant that uses Voxterr or our White Label/API solution.

Voxterr Account

Opening an account with Voxterr is simple and convenient. All you need is a smartphone, internet access, and a valid ID.

In addition to digital wallets and payment processing, Voxterr offers promotional technology algorithms for all merchant accounts. Every time a payment is processed, your product is automatically promoted to targeted individuals within our ecosystem. The more activity done through the wallet, the more relevance and visibility are achieved on the marketplace.

Structured Data

Voxterr's regional wallet technology is a data mining conglomerate that creates new revenue streams for sellers and their customers.

The wallet technology provides a high - quality, integrated, structured, and readable dataset for AI decision - making and machine learning. Users receive hyper personalized, real - time offers in any location.

Voxterr Walk in Wallet

The Voxterr walk - in wallet instantly connects with restaurants and stores displaying their offerings as soon as you walk in.

Discover local musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, customers and merchants. Today's restaurants and stores serve as a hub for the surrounding area, fostering connections within the local community based on shared interests.

Voxterr Residual Income

Your wallet has a function called Residual Income that enables you to profit when the capital you spent is reused by a new recipient.

Voxterr gives you the ability to check how much of your funds are in circulation, how many people are using it, and what estimated earnings it will generate for you.

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